Our Mission

Pierce Law Group is a full-service law firm committed to provide sophisticated representation and legal services to individual and businesses across North Carolina. We are proud to offer each client a tailored and personalized solution to their most complicated legal needs.

Our Philosophy

When you or your business needs an attorney, you don’t want some nameless and faceless entity with little to no personality ‘telling’ you what you did wrong or what you should have done. Instead, we understand that clients desire a personal and professional relationship with their legal counsel. As such, Pierce Law strives to ensure that every time we undertake representation of a client that we know our clients’ business and therefore understand our clients’ needs.

Our History

Pierce Law was founded with in the goal of building a law firm that is known throughout North Carolina as being singularly focused on serving our clients legal needs. Jared Pierce, the law firm’s founding partner and CEO, formed Pierce Law to ensure that clients are afforded the opportunity to understand and comprehend their legal situation, so that they may make educated and informed decisions about their cases and lives.

Firm Culture

If you are looking for the largest law firm to represent you or your business, Pierce Law is not the firm for you. Pierce Law Group is a small, agile, team of innovative and experienced lawyers who utilize and harness the latest in technology to offer individual and businesses a sophisticated alternative to traditional law firms. Pierce Law is proud to explore legal solutions and alternative fee structure with clients across North Carolina to ensure that our clients’ legal interests are protected without breaking the bank.

We would invite you to discover more about Pierce Law and our client-centric approach to seeking outcomes that positively affect our clients’ legal interests.