Why Hire A Raleigh Social Security Disability Lawyer

When it is time to begin a claim for Social Security benefits, you have the right to represent yourself or to appoint someone else to represent you, like a non-attorney advocate or an attorney.

You may be asking yourself “if I can do this myself, why wouldn’t I?” It’s a valid question, and one that only you can answer for yourself. It is understandable that there are many things about seeking help with your Social Security case that can be intimidating. You may feel embarrassed about your medical conditions. You may be struggling to cope with your inability to work any longer. You may think that you cannot afford to hire an attorney. These reasons should not stop you from seeking representation. Here’s why:

  1. The statistics say you should – At the hearing level, your case is more likely to be approved if you are represented by an attorney. In 2000, 64% of claimants who were represented by an attorney were awarded benefits, while only 40% of claimants who were unrepresented were awarded benefits.
  1. Timing is everything – Each stage of appeal must be done within a certain time frame. If you miss that date, you’ve missed your opportunity to appeal that decision on your application. You thereby lose all the time that you’ve waited up until that point. Lawyers know these deadlines, and it is part of our job to ensure that your case is timely appealed.
  1. You pay no fees unless you win – Yes, you read that correctly. If you do not win your case, you do not pay attorney fees. The rules about fees are written in a way that allows everyone to seek representation regardless of ability to pay upfront for an attorney. If you do win, SSA and federal law limit the amount that your attorney can receive to the lesser of 25% of your back benefits, or $6,000. This means that, in most circumstances, your attorney will receive no more than $6,000 of your back benefits. When you consider that sum over the months or years that you could receive benefits, it is worth the investment.
  1. Crafting a theory of disability – Do you know what you need to prove in order to win your case? A Social Security attorney does. Because your conditions and work history are uniquely yours, it is often difficult to piece together all of the complex rules to lead a judge to a conclusion that you can no longer work and are disabled. Social Security attorneys are immersed daily in the nuanced theories that can lead to an award of benefits. Weaving your particular circumstances in to an accurate and honest, yet persuasive and powerful narrative within the framework of the Social Security rules is why an attorney is more likely to obtain a successful outcome in your case.

Whether you’re considering applying for benefits or you’ve already applied and been denied, an attorney can help you through each step of the process and increase the likelihood that you receive benefits.

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