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Type of Action: Premise Liability, Slip and Fall, Negligence.

Injuries Alleged: Emergency Medical Services were called to grocery store. Client was transported to the Hospital Emergency Department and examined. Client was diagnosed with a hip/thigh, contusion, ordered to use a walker and to follow up with an orthopedist for an MRI should the pain persist.

The acute pain continued and Client followed up with Orthopaedist. Physician ordered Client to use her walker or crutches at all times and to have an MRI immediately. The MRI of Client’s left hip revealed an avulsion injury of the gluteus minimus tendon with adjacent soft-tissue swelling as well as a mild subcutaneous bruise on her thigh. Physician examined Client ten days following the MRI and referred her to physical therapy.

Client was referred for a Functional Capacity Evaluation (“FCE”) to examine the permanence of her injuries and measure her disabilities secondary to those injuries.
Name of Case: [CONFIDENTIAL]

Court and County with Case #: [CONFIDENTIAL]

Settlement/Trial: Case settled before filing lawsuit.

Special Damages: [CONFIDENTIAL]

Verdict or Settlement: Settlement


Lawyer for Plaintiff: J. Wallace Pierce, Wallace Pierce Law, PLLC, Durham, North Carolina, (919) 313-2729.

Description of Case, evidence presented, and arguments made: On December 30, 2010, at approximately 7:00 pm, Client visited grocery store to complete her necessary grocery shopping. Client entered the store through the front entrance, unaccompanied and wearing flat closed-toe boots, and proceeded to the produce department. While walking in the produce department, near the refrigerated section, Client slipped in a pool of water and subsequently fell on her left hip and hand. Immediately following the fall, Client experienced tremendous pain in her left hip, from her torso to her knee.