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Winter Blues Got You Down? – Durham Attorney

The holidays are over and winter is in full swing.  There is less daylight to enjoy, the temperatures are colder and the bad weather is a constant concern.  It isn’t hard to figure out why so many of us suffer from what many call “winter depression.”  Although in some cases, winter depression can be tied.. read more →

Online Scheduler – Book Your Consultation – Durham Attorney

Durham attorney - If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of the Attorneys at Wallace Pierce Law, feel free to call us today at (919) 313-2729 or book your consultation using our online scheduling system. Where are the consultations held? All consultations will take place at the Durham Office at 2304 South.. read more →

Ice Causes County Wide Delays and Difficult Morning Commute – Durham Personal Injury Lawyer

Dangerous Conditions Durham Personal Injury Lawyer – Tuesday night’s ice that continued into early Wednesday morning put the state of North Carolina on full alert.  Although NCDOT was prepared to address road conditions and hundreds of businesses, schools and government buildings closed or operated on delays, it did not stop accidents from occurring.  Those individuals.. read more →

News: Lawmakers Fine Honda $70 million – Durham Personal Injury Lawyer

Durham Personal Injury Lawyer – In the modern age, automakers are expected to comply with hundreds of safety regulations that are enforced on a regular basis.  These safety regulations are put in place to protect human lives and as a result, we count on our vehicles to work properly.  When automakers don’t comply, severe penalties.. read more →

News: As Flu Outbreaks Rise, Local Hospitals Limit Visitation – Durham Personal Injury Attorney

Durham Personal Injury Attorney – As the colder weather approaches every year, the signs go up in every pharmacy window that the flu vaccine is now being offered.  While it is a continued debate among people whether or not to get a flu shot, the facts are that a flu outbreak is spreading across the.. read more →

News: 40/440 Fortify Project Could Increase Traffic Backups – Durham Personal Injury Lawyer

Durham Personal Injury Lawyer – Anyone in the Triangle who has driven on 440 or 40 during rush hour knows how congested these interstates can be and when the regular traffic pattern is disrupted, travel becomes a complete nightmare.  Whether there is an accident causing onlooker delays or there is construction work causing lane closures,.. read more →

Do Airbags Really Reduce My Risk of Injury? – Durham Personal Injury Lawyer

Durham Personal Injury Lawyer – Taking a look back as we head into 2015, it isn’t hard to see how far technology has advanced.  Today, it isn’t uncommon for everyone you know (as well as their parents and even their children) to have a smart phone.  Although it’s easy to acknowledge the latest gadget to.. read more →

News: Settlement Awarded to Family Hurt on Ride at 2013 NC State Fair – Durham Personal Injury Lawyer

Durham Personal Injury Lawyer – Everyone in the Triangle knows that as soon as fall rolls around, it’s time to gear up for the NC State Fair. Each year, the fair draws in patrons from all across the state and country. In fact, over 900,000 people come each year with attendance sometimes topping 1 million... read more →

What If I Suffered a Back Injury on the Job? – Durham Personal Injury Attorney

Durham Personal Injury Attorney – Being injured on the job can be a very difficult time and confusing experience. A back injury suffered on the job is even worse. Often times, back injuries are disabling and take a long time to heal although in extreme cases, the injury is permanent. If you suffered a back.. read more →

Can My Criminal Record Be Expunged? – Durham Criminal Lawyer

Durham Criminal Lawyer – In today’s world, just about everything you do – from renting an apartment to starting a new job – comes with an abundance of accompanying paperwork.  In many of these situations, consenting to a criminal background check is a regular occurrence.  Having a criminal record could complicate or even prevent you.. read more →